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We understand your company's challenge:
Delivering sustainably produced yet innovative products is essential for growth. We can help find and produce alternative or new manufacturing ingredients from microalgae.

Contract Production

Algaceuticals is able to provide a wide range of oils and chemicals for your needs. We can provide product from the raw algal biomass to the final ‘white-labelled’ solution. Our technology is proven, operational, modular, quickly scalable and predictable.  

Based on your needs we can supply low-volume specialist product to higher-volume consumer product.

We can also supply test quantities of specialist micro-algae  for research or product development


Contract Research

Algaceuticals team of scientific experts will help you find innovative or substitute ingredients for your next generation of products. 


Using our knowledge base, AlgaeWiki we are able to provide you with insight into new application areas as well as optimal microalgae strains and growth conditions for your manufacturing needs.

In our test facilities we can determine cost effective routes to profitable, industrial scale production. Interesting micro-algal strains are grown in our state of the art test facilities:


  • Calculate chemical productivity and production costs

  • Validate downstream processing of biomass for chemical extraction and refinement

  • Determine production costs of target chemicals at manufacturing scale

Research into microalgae is expanding as the search for sustainable produced, innovative and novel products accelerates. The output of this research is having major implications in bio-medical, cosmeceutical, nutraceutical, flavour and fragrance industries.

Algaceuticals' team of international research fellows are scouring the academic and business environment for new microalgae applications- whether this is to find new medical applications, new skincare products or clean heavy metals from the river Ganges.

Many of the applications are early stage, allowing forward thinking organisations to make strategic investments.


Work with us at the leading edge of these new markets. 


Innovation Services

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