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We're Hiring!

We're Hiring. Join Us!

We have several exciting opportunities in microalgae research with the Algaceuticals team, where you will be at the forefront of a sustainable microalgal industry.

Algaceuticals’ mission is to provide cost-effective, environmentally sustainable supplies of high-value oils and chemicals, derived from microalgae. Algaceuticals does this for the cosmeceutical, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and flavor & fragrance industries.

Algaceuticals uses a highly innovative technology platform which enables us to sustainably grow any type of microalgae, faster, cheaper and with a smaller footprint than any other known technology or competitor. 

Senior Research Fellows

Closing date: 30th September 2018

Job Location: Worldwide

Algaceuticals is building a microalgae knowledge base to address key gaps faced by industry, specifically:

  • the lack of correlation between (10,000+) microalgal strains, their output chemicals and the application areas

  • finding new opportunities that can be created from microalgae

  • identifying which particular chemicals and applications are most in demand from industry

To address these challenges, Algaceuticals wishes to recruit senior research fellows from around the world

The main responsibility of the successful candidate includes:

  • Directing our microalgae database research strategy

  • Liaising with major companies in industry to better understand the chemicals and application areas most valuable to them

  • Identifying the top 25 potential applications (approximately) in your areas of expertise /focus

  • Selecting and validating the 5 most valuable opportunities to take forward to funding

  • Identifying and defining the research program required to commercially grow and produce the required chemicals from the target microalgae strain

  • Managing and overseeing the defined research programme and associate researchers

  • Presenting back to the companies and Algaceuticals the results of the investigation


Skills and qualifications of applicants: 


In addition to meeting the general PhD entry requirements of UTS, the ideal candidate should have a first-class Honours or Master’s degree and/or published work or research experience. Experience in pharmaceutical, nutrition supplements, cosmetics, speciality chemicals, as well as a background in natural ingredients is desired.

For more details please contact Angela Cortina Burgueño (

Laboratory Technician 

Closing date: 30th April 2018

Job Location: London - UK

Algaceuticals is setting up a pilot facility of several Photobioreactors and a basic analytical laboratory for quality control to start production of different microalgae


We are seeking a motivated lab technician to take care of the microalgae growth and laboratory analyses:

The main responsibilities of the successful candidate include the following:

  • Assisting in the cultivation of microalgae, harvesting of the biomass and sample analyses

  • Sampling, routine measuring (of density, dry weight, pH, temperature, nutrient analysis), and recording physical parameters of microalgae cultures

  • Preparing stocks of media, reagents and consumables

  • Performing microscopic observations and health diagnosis of cultures

  • Conducting research experiments in accordance with laboratory and safety protocols

  • Washing of glassware and preparation of materials before and after autoclaving. Perform runs on all autoclaves. Decontaminating and disposing of laboratory waste

  • Report anomalies following protocols to the Laboratory Manager​


Skills and qualifications of applicants


The ideal candidate requires a BSc in a biological science subject and preferably experience in microalgae and/or microbiology. Consideration will also be given to anyone with equivalent qualifications or experience.


Must be able to work independently and flexibly,adapting to changing priorities as needed.

For more details please contact Angela Cortina (


Please submit a CV and a covering letter explaining why you are interested in the position.

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